As you can see from my website, I’m involved in a lot of artistic and crafty endeavors. These things certainly keep me busy and bring me much joy, however, my passion lies in promoting healthy aging and bringing positivity and respect to the dying process. To put it simply, I’m here to help people make peace with the inevitability of death and fully embrace the life they have left. I want to do away with our cultural fear of aging and instead turn the process into a celebration. I believe that getting older means getting better in the most important ways. We improve, evolve and grow wiser. And to put it bluntly, getting older is a natural, inescapable part of life. Denial won’t change any of that. My goal is help people plan for their future so they can enjoy the time they have left without having to worry about every unpleasant detail. And when times do become challenging–which is a guarantee in life–I want to be there to ease people through it. Overall, I’d like to transform that which is seen as an unpleasant process into something beautiful.

Services Offered

Transitional Living Coach

We all either have or will reach that phase in life where we’re forced to start thinking about what’s next? The kids have grown up and moved out. You’ve just retired after working most of your life. And you’re not sure what exactly to do with yourself now. Your life before has been one clear benchmark after the next and now nothing seems as cut and dried. Well, I’m here to help you forge ahead into the great unknown. It can be as simple as needing a life coach to help you clarify your goals and reinvent the next chapter of your life. Additionally, things like downsizing, moving closer to family or into assisted living, getting important estate and medical documentation squared away are all essential considerations and best planned for sooner rather than later. Not to mention, envisioning how you’d like to document the legacy you leave behind. It would be my honor to help take some stress off of you in what can sometimes be a very confusing time of transition.

My services include but are not limited to:

  • advanced care planning
  • legacy projects
  • downsizing assistance
  • energy work
  • hosting advanced care parties for friends & family
  • tai chi & qigong

End of Life Doula

An End of Life Doula is similar a concept as a birth doula. One compassionately assists those coming into this world and one compassionately assists those leaving this world. An end of life doula usually assists with recognizing and filling gaps in a dying person’s care. This includes providing emotional, spiritual, informational, and physical support with the goal being a low stress, comfortable, personalized–even, dare I say, positive–experience for clients and their loved ones. End of Life doulas work alongside family members, friends and even medical, palliative and hospice workers in hospitals, senior care facilities and private home settings.

My services include but are not limited to:

  • legacy projects
  • holding vigils
  • respite care
  • energy work
  • transportation
  • hosting online & at-home funerals

  • advanced directives
  • planning memorial services
  • grief support
  • conflict resolution
  • tai chi & qigong
  • care coordination

Companion Animal End of Life Doula

Not one to ever diminish the important role that companion animals have in our lives, I also provide the same doula services for people and families who need extra emotional, spiritual, informational and physical support during an animal’s dying process and the grief period afterwards.


Let me help answer the most obvious ones…

What do I charge?

My base rate is $35/hour. Which I will bill you for on an interval that we determine together. I accept cash, credit card or check. Things like long distance travel, equipment rentals, or buying supplies, groceries, etc… are of course extra and will be itemized on your bill. Unfortunately, doulas are not covered under medical plans, yet. Since birth doulas are starting to be covered, I hope death doulas will be next, fingers crossed.

How far am I willing to travel?

Well, thanks to video chats, many things can be accomplished with just a phone these days, which is wonderful. If hands-on care is needed or work that requires me to leave the Central New York area, than I’ll be more than willing to consider that on a case by case basis.