Making History

This is the barn that I call home. So now I can do things like leave the front door open and when people ask me if I live in a barn, I can actually say yes.

For those who are unaware of my situation, I will get you up-to-speed. I recently quit a wonderful job in Ithaca, NY to move into a converted barn in the Hudson Valley with two of my closest friends. There you have it, that’s pretty much my situation in a nutshell. No job, no money, just a dream. So far, it’s been interesting. I’ve experienced some ups and downs but that’s to be expected in life. The past two days have been up. I just completed my taxes and it looks like I’m getting a nice refund and interestingly enough, Sweet Pea’s Groceries was profitable in 2011. My housemate reminded me of something when I declared my shock, she said that it usually takes three years for a business to break even. I’ve only been at this for two years and I made a profit so I’m pretty happy. I’ve also had some job offers recently so that is obviously a major plus. But all of this is not the reason why I’m writing…I digressed for a brief moment. I wanted to tell you about where I live.  I live on a large farm (they only use it for hay now) with several historical buildings on the property. The Historical Society is thinking about opening one of the buildings up for public tours hopefully in May. That means that we may also throw open our doors to the public so they can tour where we live–which thrills us because we are all doing very cool things in here. One of my housemates paints murals and her work has graced the front cover of the Chronogram Magazine, another is a painter with her own show coming up in August, my roommate is an actor with an enormous collection of movie props from all eras, plus we have a mural artist/woodworker who rents one of the artist studios, and then there is me.  So there’s a lot of neat stuff going on and everyone seems to be curious about this place. So hopefully I will have interesting news come May about potential public tours of at least our property but I know that all of us are hoping to open our doors, even if it isn’t a formal Historical Society tour.

Oh and one more thing… Alicia, if you are reading this, I vote that we have a Hudson Valley leg of the Awesome Farm right here. You will have to split your time–50/50–between the HV and Finger Lakes farms so you can manage us. That’s similar to the way you should split your time between both of your spouses.

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