I’m grump-diddly-dumpcious

DSCF1527I’m in a dreadful mood today so to spare you from the dark place I’m in, I’ll share with you some photos that I took a few weeks ago of our romp around the property. We were looking for migrating amphibians but at that moment we were a little premature. That would not be the case anymore since just yesterday I saw some adult red-spotted newts swimming around a vernal pool and some large egg masses. They’ve been busy these past few weeks! Most of the vernal pools are already dry which doesn’t bode well for the spring and summer months. Perhaps it’s good that they got a little bit of a head start on breeding. Anyway, enjoy the pics and I will try to adjust my attitude before my next post. Strangely enough, the photos are kind of dark and dreary, just like how I’m feeling. There’s no intended connection there, but irony always has a way of creeping in.




1 thought on “I’m grump-diddly-dumpcious”

  1. Whether you are glad or sad, I always enjoy reading your updates. I smile whhenever I see ‘positive energies’ in my inbox. 🙂
    Hope you are having a fabulous day. Hugs to Tuna!

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