My trip to Skaneateles

During my last visit home, my mother and I visited the beautiful town of Skaneateles. It was the only day off I had in many weeks and it was looking like that was going to be my last one for a while, so we decided to make the most of it. It turned out to be the perfect day. We went to Lockwood Lavender Farm and cut a huge bundle of lavender for $10.00. It’s all going into my soap, of course. Then we went wine tasting at Anyela’s Vineyards–Skaneateles Lake’s only vineyard thus far. For the red wine drinker, I highly recommend the Overlay (it’s near perfection) and for the white wine lovers, the Riesling was delicious. Then we were off for some shopping and food in downtown Skaneateles. The Blue Water Grill is definitely the place to eat in town. It was packed with people but the service was speedy, the food was yummy and the price was right. For shopping, my mother (Ling Ling) highly recommends the St. James Church Thrift Shop. Apparently, if you like a bargain, that’s the place to be. Much to my mother’s dismay, the shop wasn’t open but it didn’t stop her from longingly looking into the windows for a mere glimpse at a good deal. Last but not least, a trip to Skaneateles is not complete without a walk on the pier and perhaps a boat ride on the lake. The water is crystal clear and a beautiful shade of blue-green. I love walking to the end of the pier and looking back at the row of buildings on the shore. They just look like something from another country. I hope you get the chance to visit Skaneateles at some point or just take a trip to a lovely place nearby and just pretend you’re on vacation.

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