Get ready for the fall snake count

Do you love and adore snakes? I hope your answer is an enthusiastic “YES!” If you do love them or if you want to learn to love them or if you are just curious to know more about them, please consider doing a Fall snake count in your area (even your backyard counts). You have until September 23rd to participate in this wonderful citizen science program. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go all Crocodile Hunter on them and wrestle them to the ground or anything. All you need is to just identify them either on the spot or by taking a photo of them–no need to even touch them (that’s preferred). They even have an option where you can do a road count from your vehicle for the lazy bones’ out there. Don’t worry if you are not a snake id expert, www.snakeconservation.org has everything you need to help you including species lists, state resources, protocols, datasheets and an equipment list.

If you plan to be in my area this weekend, please consider joining me. I will be walking around cuddling up to the snakes on the farm. Just let me know if you plan to stop by and help.

Here is the official announcement:

Center for Snake Conservation Sponsors Fall Snake Count—

 A Citizen Science Program Focused on Mapping and Conserving Snakes
 Louisville, CO − The Center for Snake Conservation (www.snakeconservation.org) will be hosting its fall Snake Count from September 15-23, 2012. The Snake Count will be used to map and track the distribution of snake species across the United States. This Citizen Science Program encourages everyday “citizens” to get out in nature, learn about snakes, and promote snake conservation by observing and recording snake species in their local area. The Center for Snake Conservation will be partnering with Project Noah (www.projectnoah.org) to help document the snakes found during the Snake Count.
 Young encourages families, nature centers, snake enthusiasts, students, local chapters of wildlife organizations, and anyone else with an interest in enjoying and conserving the natural world to become involved and help researchers to learn which species or regions may need focused conservation efforts.
To register for the Snake Count, download a snake count tool kit, or just to learn more, go to http://www.snakecount.org/ or contact the Center for Snake Conservation at 770-500-0000 or snakecount@snakeconservation.org. If you are unable to participate in the Snake Count and would like to further support snake research, education, and conservation, visit www.snakeconservation.org.

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