I ♥ John Waters

Photo credit: Greg Gorman

Is it wrong to love a gay man with a microscopically thin mustache who is several decades older than yourself and is world-renowned for being the filthiest man alive? If loving John Waters is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Last night I dragged my housemate, Cassie, to see his one-man Christmas show and he brought the house down–Divine look-a-likes and all! My face hurt so bad from laughing, I cried a few times, and I overzealously slapped anything and everything in my way on several occasions. Cassie even enjoyed it and she’s never seen a John Waters film. I’ve perversely enjoyed most of John’s movies but what I like the best is his stand-up. I’ve watched This Filthy World about a million times. I highly recommend it for those who enjoy hearing stories of the seedier side of life. Moreover, I highly recommend seeing him live if you can swing it. Be prepared to ask him a question because he sticks around after the show to answer anything the audience throws his way–no matter how outrageous. John Waters is an original who’s refreshingly comfortable in his own skin, down-to-earth (he still lives in Baltimore) and not afraid to say what’s on his mind, no matter how dirty or shameful. And his delivery is not about being shocking (not counting his movies) or bashing any particular person or group (everyone gets equal attention). He’s just presenting life as he sees it and taking you along for the ride (I can’t say “journey.” Apparently he doesn’t trust anyone that uses that word. The same is true for “magical.”). He is who he is and I think this sweet little smut pedlar is absolutely lovely!

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