The Award Goes To…

wpid-img_20130112_111119At the end of each year I plan to reward the person who commented on my blog the most. It could be either this blog or my http://www.pos-energies.com blog or both. I just want to know that you are out there and that I’m not just writing in a vacuum (that would suck…what a stupid joke, sorry). And I don’t care what your comment is. You could tell me I have great hair (I do) even though the post is entirely lacking in a photo of me or my hair. You could tell me I’m an idiot. That works too. I would probably agree with you. I choose any interaction over none.

This past year, my dear friend Jessica did the most commenting so she gets some extra love. As promised Jess, I’ve sent you a package of goodies. Spoiler alert: Jess if you want to be surprised, don’t look at the photo below.

You get a freshly made bar of lavender essential oil & fullers earth clay soap, a tinted coconut oil lip salve and a pair of beaver bottle cap earrings (they will remind you of the nature center…in a good way!).

2 thoughts on “The Award Goes To…”

    1. I can see that someone wants to win themselves their very own pair of enviradornments. Those earrings would look fabulous on you Ami. You should be my model.

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