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The good & the bad

Apothecarycircle registrationI’ve been excitedly looking forward to Laura Emily’s Apothecary Circle starting up since I signed up for it back in August. Signing up for the circle was my way of patting myself on the back for working my arse off in 2012. It was going to be my way of making sure that I practice better self-care in 2013. Thankfully the wait is over and the circle officially began at the end of December. So far, so good. I’m really enjoying what I’m learning and I’m enjoying the special community of women that Laura Emily’s brought together for the next 12 months. Here are the basics of what the Apothecary Circle is (taken from Laura Emily’s web page–the link is above):

Apothecarycircle preview
This is what the online format of the Circle looks like.

A full year of holistic living at your fingertips to earn your certificate in training for keeping a home apothecary:
*learn how to craft up your own herbal remedies.
*how to replace your medicine cabinet with fresh, gorgeous food.
*develop a foundation for abundant and vibrant health by engaging in our monthly group challenges
*dive into a buffet of e-courses and workshops
*read up on weekly lessons
*monthly tutorials
*and be surrounded by a gorgeous and thriving community of women, all desiring to weave some earth medicine into their own lives.
*and  if you feel called to, use your time in the apothecary circle to apply towards an accredited course to become a certified Holistic Coach, and more.

Here is the monthly schedule. It’s a 12 month experience.

Now I don’t know Laura Emily personally but I enjoy her blog immensely, she lives by the same principals as I do, the people I admire from my online community stand by her, and her classes and products are downright helpful to people. I truly believe she’s doing the world a great service. So it really got under my skin when I read her Facebook update a few days ago that said a family member turned her into the authorities because she sells dried herbs (such as lavender, mint, etc…) and tinctures–which to them meant that she was a drug dealer. So her business license was suspended, all of her products that she sold through Etsy had been confiscated at the post office without her knowledge (she tried to send me two packages, 6 months apart, and both had been confiscated–we figured they had been lost because no one tried to contact her) , and on and on.

I can’t believe the ridiculousness of all of this…oh yes, I actually can. Ideally, I would like to provide similar herbal services but a while ago I realized that even a highly trained herbologist cannot give any advice whatsoever to help people without the fear of some authority coming down on them–whether it be the FDA or the police or the lawyers. Is this really what this world is coming to? We can’t get a grasp on big pharmaceutical but we sure can do a number the life of a well-intentioned person who sells LEGAL medicinal herbs. Granted, there are dangerous herbs out there and individuals can potentially have severe reactions to even the most harmless of herbs. However, I have four books on my shelf right now that inform me of the uses and potential side effects of each herb. If you have an ailment and want to treat it with herbs all you have to do is go to the library, the bookstore, or search the internet. Herbal information is readily available and has been compiled for centuries because they have been used for centuries–and with good reason. Can you say the same for the pharmaceuticals they have on the market today? I just did a Google search on FDA approved medicines they had to take off the market because of their harmful side effects and it was a long-ass list. It’s just silliness and I’m very disappointed that our litigious, pro-corporate, nature-fearing society has let such a well-meaning person down.

On a happier note, Laura Emily isn’t letting this hiccup stop her and the Apothecary Circle is going strong so if you’re interested, the circle is going to be offered several more times over the course of the year (the next one starts in March). She also has some other really neat looking Accredited Courses on her blog and other offerings in her Good Earth Living Etsy shop.

2 thoughts on “The good & the bad”

  1. Ridiculous is one word for it. I went to a gynecologist once who told me he wouldn’t work with me unless I stopped seeing my herbalist, as, in his words “herbalists are just in it for the money”. I was just stunned that anyone would say something so outrageous while we were surrounded by all the various drug company promotional items in his examination room.
    Fortunately, there are a lot of great herbalists in this beautiful region of ours, and there is Healing with Flowers workshop coming up in Kingston (just sent you the info). More people are waking up to better ways to live on this planet.

    1. I am shocked and upset that any medical “professional” would do that. I didn’t know it was ethical to refuse treatment over something like that. So much for the Hippocratic Oath. Sorry that happened to you. I’m not sure what I would have done in your shoes besides convince myself that I was in some sort of strange dream. I’m looking forward to the Healing Flowers workshop info. That sounds right up my alley! Hope to see you soon.

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