Making Crafty Magic

A Rave Review

I just sent some samples out to a lovely lady who suddenly found herself suffering from extremely sensitive and dry skin. She has such a graceful way with words that I begged her to let me use her product reviews for my site and she kindly gave in. Here is what the lovely Lauren T. had to say about the goodies I sent her way (that rhymed!):

Chai Tea Soap:  A soap infused with tea, offering an overall subtlety of scent and tenderness to the touch.
Oats Milk and Honey Soap:  Also subtle as to fragrance, but you feel it working for you.
Lemony Fresh Soap: Just a hint of lemon, not overpowering in any way–fresh and light.
Lavender Liquid Soap: Non-heady fragrance, a liquid soap none too thick–its nice.
Lavender Cream:  Light Lavender scent, not at all greasy, as if eager to moisturize.
Peppermint and Rosemary Conditioner: None too pungent, considering its infused with both Peppermint and Rosemary.  My hair felt nice and soft.

♥ Thank you Lauren! Flattery will get you far but eloquence–such as the kind you possess–will get you everywhere! ♥

It’s really wonderful to receive such positive feedback, especially when it comes to the lightness of my fragrancing (is that a word? Well it is now.). I’ve seen people smell my soap and express their disappointment that it doesn’t smell as strong as they would like it to. At first I can’t help but  feel a little self-conscious about it but then I remind myself that I’m not tailoring my products to the Bath & Body Works crowd. I have no desire to go heavy-handed with fragrances or essential oils. Sometimes that can be downright dangerous! I got into this business to make soap for those who are suffering and in need of gentle–yet sometimes adventurous–products. I have to remind myself of this all the time because I see all of the super cool, mega-fragrant, colorful soaps people are making–but I just can’t bring myself to fully go there. Sure I dip a toe in from time to time (have you seen my beautiful soapy sticks?) but a toe is about all I can muster. Let me know if you think I’m totally foolish here.

Here are some of my soapy sticks at Edelweiss Soap Company.


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