Making Crafty Magic

That special something is revealed you’ve ever used one of my products and experienced that special feeling one would equate to being sprinkled with fairy dust or gently tapped by the magic wand of a powerful wizard, please know that you are not alone. Unfortunately it’s time for me to come clean (no pun intended but…) and finally end this charade once and for all. This addictive high cannot be attributed to my particular talents. Sadly, no. My products are unique because of my musical choices during the creation process. They are most assuredly imbued with musical magic. So if you’re soaping up and suddenly feel suave like Sinatra or have the energy of James Brown on crack, just enjoy the side effect of my work environment. To fully reap the benefits and painlessly experience super-human levels of productivity, feel free to listen along with me. You will need to set up a free Pandora account but don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Warning: Ample room is needed to fully enjoy this station. Sitting is just not possible!

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