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The secret life of a bubble mailer.





In classic Jaime fashion, this is my second attempt at this post due to the fact that my first attempt randomly included a pic of my bright-white, bare legs– tattoos and all– for reasons unbeknownst to moi. Sorry if I burned anyones eyes…it’s all good. So here we go again… I wanted to do a post on a recent family collaboration. In February, I gifted my brother my old Kindle and he loathed the case it came with, saying it looked like a pair of my underbritches. So he drew out a design and sent me the materials and this is the end result. Pretty cool! It’s made with a plastic bubble mailer which will protect it from falls and rain. It’s lined with a reused terrycloth towel to help keep the screen clean. The awesome skull buttons are extras from a pair of jeans he loves. And here comes the irony: wait for it…wait for it…The fabric comes from three pairs of his swimming underbritches. Hah! Plus there are two pockets: one for the cord and one for his wallet and such. And a clip for his keys. Not too shabby of a collab if I may say so. If you plan to try this, let me know if you have any questions. It’s a breeze if done in the proper order.

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