The long and winding road ahead.

1This June and July I will be reprising my role as amphibian wrangler in Yellowstone National Park. What does this mean for Sweet Pea’s Groceries, for teaching at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, for the Saugerties Farmers Market, for other tabling events, for my Etsy shop, for the brick and mortar stores that carry my products, and for my sanity for that matter? I’ve spent several weeks hemming and hawing over the future of all this craziness. When I return from Yellowstone, life will begin again but I have no intention of living the same way I am now. Life loses its joy when all you do is work and that’s what these last few months have been for me–joyless work.  It’s sleepless nights, it’s knowing that one person can’t do it all but stupidly trying anyway, it’s feeling completely overwhelmed and inadequate, it’s not getting orders to stores on time…it’s a lot of unpleasant things. Therefore, some housecleaning is in order. Teaching at Jo-Ann’s and my Etsy shop are both things that I can no longer do and my tabling schedule will be shortened as well. This seems contrary to what I’ve been working for all these years. I mean, expansion is normally a good thing and downsizing is considered undesirable but the reality is that I’m only one person. And frankly, I would rather devote my time to writing and opening an actual store. Those are the big goals so why am I spending countless hours on things that don’t get me there? Exactly…because I’m stupid. Hah!

dgfdghfgerNo matter what, you can still find my products in these awesome places:

♥ The Treehouse at 5 North Front Street in New Paltz, New York (

♥ Edelweiss Soap Company at 38 1/2 John Street, Kingston, New York

♥ Birch Body Care at 73 Crown Street in Kingston, New York

Before I leave, I will be concentrating on super-stocking stores and selling at a few upcoming events. See you in soap!


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