Glaciers have come to the Museum of the Earth

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A few weeks ago I visited the Museum of the Earth to check out their brand-spankin-new glacier and coral reef exhibits. These permanent exhibits have been a long time in the making so it was really nice to see them finally come to fruition. It all looks fantastic! Everyone did such a great job! See, wonderful things happen to a place when I quit working there. Hah!

That night, after seeing the new exhibit, I ran into my supervisor from my pre-museum job. I was over-the-moon to see her because I’ve always wondered how she’s doing, if she’s still working there, what hijinx the crew is up to, etc… She was miserable the last time I saw her and she’s way too wonderful of a person to not be 110% happy. She told me that I left at the perfect time because they downsized soon after and most of the department was cut. My timing has always been fairly good as far this stuff goes; I smell disaster and I usually get out quickly. The ironic part is that she’s now a happily self-employed grant-writer who helped the museum get the last bit of money they needed in order to build the new exhibits. Hah! Things really do have a way of circling back around, don’t they? So, if you find yourself in need of some grant money, I can point you in the right direction.

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