Busy weekend-ish-ness




It’s a bright and busy day here at the Saugerties Farmers Market. The conditions are the exact opposite from last weeks cold, wind & rain. I can’t complain today, except that my tent broke on me and I forgot my phone & wallet back home. Duh! Luckily, Cassie found my purse, figured I would want it and delivered it to me. Thank you! It took five people to help me set up my tent. Yikes! I have to set it up again tomorrow so that leaves me a wee bit worried. But these mini-disasters come with the territory.

Tomorrow is a very promising craft fair in Fishkill. Most of the Hudson Valley Etsy Team will be vending so it will be great to actually meet my team-mates in person. It should be a fantastic event but being surrounded by such talented crafters may prove too tempting for me. We shall see if my resolve remains intacted through the event. Come visit if you can and talk me out of making any purchases!

This will be my last weekend vending until August so if you need anything, please make it a point to find me. In the meantime, while I’m out being chased by bears, you can visit the stores that sell my products.


My mom, Ling Ling, will be selling her scarves in Fishkill. Even more reason to visit tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Busy weekend-ish-ness”

  1. Definately will be there in Fishkill tomorrow! Just moved to the area and I am excited to hang out this Sunday. Thank you for the update.

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