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June 5th, 2013: On the Road

2013-06-05 18.38.37

Thank you Cassie for my buck-toothed travelling companion.

I left Cortland for my epic journey across the country at 2:45 pm–kinda late but better late than never I guess. Before I left, my mother, Ling Ling, cried. I think she was particularly sad to see me go because I had been so sweet to her these last few hours. It seems that I’m missing showering affection on my patients so I was overcompensating by being super sweet to her. She really didn’t know what to think of that but she soaked it up no matter what the source. Perhaps, it can be attributed to my reiki teacher, Lorry, and my reiki partner, Sarah, telling me the night before that I have a pink aura which means that I’m a very loving person. (Everyone who knows me is now laughing. Well, shut it!) Lately, I would agree with that statement. I’m feeling completely free and lifted. I’m not sure what to make of that because I didn’t realize how tied down I felt until I put my stuff into storage and walked away from it all. How do I go back? Do I even go back? My mother, Petunia, and I celebrated my birthday early with a bag full of gift cards and other such goodies, and raspberry turnovers with vanilla frozen yogurt for us fatties. Two turnovers and an egg salad sandwich was consumed with another packed up for the road. Before I left, I tried my hand at reintroducing Petunia to the pit bull next door, Bella. It was going swimmingly until I gave Bella a pat on the head and then Petunia’s jealousy ruined it all. When will she ever learn? I gave a teary Ling Ling and a stinky pooch some goodbye kisses and hugs and then I was off like a prom dress (LL‘s favorite saying). I tried to stop and see my bf, Emily, on the way but she was off gallivanting (okay, she was babysitting). I felt stupid because I sent her a package of goodies for Sofia just the day before. I could have saved myself the $8 if I had only waited a day. (Spoiler alert: Emily, I forbid you to read the next sentence!) To make matters worse, I had a teddy bear dressed as a nurse to give to her right in my hand just before I left and never gave it any thought that I would be passing by her house in an hour. I’m unforgivably dense sometimes! Western New York is not my cup of tea. It’s so flat and boring. However, I must stop at Lily Dale and Letchworth State Park on my way home. Perhaps they will set my record straight.

2013-06-05 18.39.07

On the way, I tore it up listening to Whitesnake, Poison, Warlock, White Zombie, a little Judas Priest for good measure, and strangely enough, Sylvia Brown (one of three books on cd that my mother’s beau, Craig let me borrow). One Sylvia Brown cd was sooooo farfetched that I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. That woman is full of such crap! However, Craig lent me a decent book on cd about angels. It was fairly spot on aside from the freakin’ angels part. That’s just waaay too much of a leap for me. I’m having a hard time dealing with the idea of spirit guides in reiki class, nevermind angels. On a completely different note, I seem to have developed the bladder of a 100-year-old man. I must have stopped to pee about a million times. It’s terribly inconvenient but manageable. It’s my 2013 rest stop tour! I’m planning to get t-shirts made with the dates and the locations on the back to commemorate the momentous occasion. I drove until I could go no more and found lodging at a Red Roof Inn. I love hotels!

2 thoughts on “June 5th, 2013: On the Road”

  1. You went to Lily Dale?! How was that??
    And where do I order my 2013 rest stop tour t-shirt? Miss you friend!

  2. Nope, didn’t get to Lily Dale yet. I was hoping to on the way home but no dice…this time. I’ve always wanted to go.

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