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Yellowstone: June 11th, 2013

The Lake Lodge

Training Day: Deux

Amphibian id training today in Gibbon Meadows. I remember doing the same exact thing in the same exact location in 2006. This entire experience is going to be like some wonderful kind of déjà vu for me. We saw every species on our very short list, including tiger salamander larvae. And I was reminded that I have eyes like a jungle cat; too bad I lack the reflexes of one! I can spot a reptile and amphibian from a mile away. I was finding adult boreal toads, spotted frogs, chorus frogs, and snakes like it was going out of style (which it never will, of course). I was doing it with such efficiency that I think they were beginning to suspect that I was just pulling them from my pockets or something. They should see me with turtles! At each site we were followed by Japanese tourists taking photos of us; they can’t resist funny-looking people with dip nets and waders. So, maybe I’ll become the next big thing overseas–hopefully even bigger than Hasselhoff (one can only dream).

After work, I got re-acquainted with the Lake Lodge. I love it there. It’s good to be back. I was sipping a local microbrew and writing in the lobby when I heard someone playing on the piano one of my favorite Yann Tiersen songs from the Amelie soundtrack. Could it get any freakin better than that? I think not.

Here’s information on the four amphibian species we’re looking for in Yellowstone.

Here’s a link to my employer’s webpage explaining the amphibian monitoring project.

Here’s a link to our protocols and reports.

3 thoughts on “Yellowstone: June 11th, 2013”

  1. So it says in the info link you sent that ‘some suspect there are more amphibians in Yellowstone than are currently known’… if you are as good as you say you are, I’ll be you’ll be the one to double that number (and get a picture of the Boreal Chorus Frog, please).

    1. Oh, if only you had asked for a Boreal Chorus frog pic my first week here, I was practically tripping over them. If I trip over another, I will post a pic.

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