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Yellowstone: June 15th, 2013

Elephant Back TrailDSCF2269DSCF2254DSCF2242DSCF2256DSCF2255The Elephant Back TrailDSCF2252DSCF2253DSCF2241DSCF2251DSCF2244DSCF2245DSCF2239DSCF2238DSCF2362DSCF2250DSCF2266

Today was an official day off of work. I spent most of the morning reading, writing and organizing my photos. Then I took a brief walk to the Elephant Back trail. This was the first hike we went on as a group back in 2006 and I felt like I was on death’s door the entire time. I was lagging way behind the rest of the crew, huffing and puffing. To tell you the truth, that first hike had me terrified that I didn’t have what it took to make it through the field season. But, as we know, I certainly did. So I found myself, once again, at Elephant Back ready to tackle the beast. This time around it was easy. I’m not sure if I’m in better shape now (doubtful) or if I’m just better at going my own snail-like pace. I believe the latter to be more of the case. Overall, it was an easy hike and the views were gorgeous–which I was too busy gasping for air last time to fully appreciate. I had to laugh because there was a 75-ish-year old couple complete with walking canes making the trek as well. A great example of what a sissy I can be at times.



Then I went to the Lake Lodge to use the internet, which ended up being down so I had to drive the 16-miles to Canyon in the hopes of there being internet. It took about 45 minutes to drive those 16-miles because the bison just loooove to slowly meander right in front of the cars. God, I just adore bison. I have to resist the urge to molest them by running my fingers through their soft, shedding coats. They just look like gentle giants, although I know they’re not. In fact, my little nephew, Pugsley (he’s a black pug), looks just like a mini bison, which just compounds the urge for me. Needless to say, it’s never advisable to be on a tight schedule in this Park. Anyways, I made it to Canyon, paid my $4.95 for internet service just to find that this very electronic journal would not upload because…well it’s a long technical story but I can’t update my blog now–unless I want to drive two hours each way to do so. That was a huge bummer for me. I was so hoping to keep everyone up-to-date on life in the field. So I drove back, extremely downtrodden, with Guns & Roses blaring my angst throughout Hayden Valley. Every bear, moose, elk, bison, wolf, coyote, frog and shorebird got to hear a little Welcome to the Jungle. It’s just my way of sharing the musical highlights of human society. I went to bed feeling rather defeated but grateful, knowing that tomorrow promises to be a serene, internet-free day off.

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