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Yellowstone: July 7th, 2013

DSCF2458After a tasty breakfast at the Fishing Bridge soda fountain, my friend had to leave and I felt like a sad little heap (sniffle, sniffle…the sniffles are never ending). It was so nice having him around. In the afternoon, I decided to go for a relaxing hike along the Storm Point trail. The hike was highly recommended by Deb and she couldn’t have been more on point about this one.  It’s only a few miles long but the views of Yellowstone Lake were spectacular. This might be my favorite trail thus far. Along the way I met this very, overly friendly squirrel. It was foraging around right next to me and didn’t mind at all that I was right there. It posed for pictures and scooted around near my feet. At one point during the photo shoot, two other squirrels ran between us and proceeded to get into a wrestling match over some food. My friendly little squirrel just looked at them, then shrugged its shoulders, looked at me and continued being cute. I eventually had to break off our relationship or I was certain the creature was going to follow me home. Enjoy the beautiful photos!


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