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Yellowstone: July 12th, 2013

DSCF2465Nothing too exciting to note on this day off. I said my final goodbyes to West Yellowstone. I really enjoy it there. It’s just tiny enough for me to get around without freaking out and there’s a good balance of touristy without being over-the-top offensive. I like it far more than Jackson Hole. There were a few stores looking for help and I entertained the notion of just staying there and never returning to New York. I’d live in a camper and work in a gift shop. Sounds good to me, especially since I‘m dying to experience Yellowstone in winter. Wouldn’t it be great to have the Park almost all to yourself and snowmobile the heck out of it? Ahh…but my sweet Petunia Fish would miss me too much. I ate at the bakery and computed most of the day at the library. Then I bought myself a fancy-smantzy Yellowstone sweatshirt at the Yellowstone Trading Post and headed back to the dorm. I stopped to check out Gibbon Falls on my way home and found myself in a bison jam in Hayden Valley (which happens every time I drive through there).  Enjoy the pics! The rest of the night was spent writing. Not the most exciting stuff but my body desperately needed the rest. Tomorrow, there will be fishing! More fishing than you can shake a stick at!


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