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Yellowstone: July 14th, 2013

DSCF2504DSCF2502Not much to speak of today. I read a book on Matrix Reimprinting–which is basically a more in-depth version of EFT and tapping– almost cover to cover. I was completely sucked in. I would love to try it on someone besides myself. I hate being my own guinea pig, but more than that I guess I feel like other people would benefit from and are deserving of my skillz more than I. Messed up, I know. Then I headed down to Leeks Marina in the Grand Tetons to meet Deb for pizza and to pick up our work assignments for the next week. The view from the marina was gorgeous. It’s amazing how vastly different the Tetons are from Yellowstone, although the ecosystems are right next to each other. The mountains are so high and jagged and extreme while Yellowstone is more gently rolling–if that makes any sense. The pizza was okay but wow, did it mess with my stomach! I’ve been out of the cheese game for a week or two and it’s amazing how happy my body is without it. Regardless, I’ll never turn down pizza. On the 1.5 hour ride back to the dorm, I suspiciously eyed all of the lakes and rivers, wishing I wasn’t so disappointed by my recent fishing excursions. As soon as I got back to the dorm I read some more of the EFT book and then stayed up talking and laughing with Andrew and Janine until 1 am. Most of the conversation was spent swapping field work adventures, talking about Janine’s job as an endangered sheep biologist outside of San Diego, hearing scary stories of Yellowstone’s Pelican Valley, and then the conversation turned to relationships and the differences between men and women. We dropped some important knowledge on Andrew that night that will serve him well in his, hopefully, long years of husband-hood.

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