2012-05-07 13.24.41 It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so I thought I would check in.  As of today, I’m a free agent when it comes to work– which is a completely scary thought. This past Sunday, I was lifting one of my patients (who is heavier than me–dumb idea, right?) and I literally burst the blood vessels in my head. Throughout the day, this turned into the mother of all migraines and I knew I should probably consider a trip to the hospital.  I tried to contact my supervisor to tell her of my situation but she never takes her phone with her and/or never answers so I knew I had to stick it out because Alzheimer’s patients aren’t safe to leave alone. So I put the needs of my patients first and worked through the pain for a grand total of 14 hours. This is not the first time that this has happened to me in this job. Usually the migraines are from not stopping to eat or properly hydrate but sadly, I have burst blood vessels in my head before because of lifting beyond my capacity. My supervisor (actually her husband) showed up four hours late to relieve me and found me a complete mess. By the time he got home, I could barely open my eyes and I was on the verge of vomiting. The pain was beyond comprehension. Eventually, I made it home, took two Aleve (my saving grace) and went to sleep with the complete joy of knowing I had to do it all again the next day. Monday comes and my head is still killing me, of course. I go to work and tell my supervisor what happened so she does the lifting for me that morning. The only problem is that she puts the patient on her couch without a pee-pad under her so she of course wets the couch. This becomes my fault because I should have been able to know when she was going to pee and lift her to get her changed. So I ended the day on Monday knowing that I had to choose between my health or my job.

To make matters very much worse, on my drive home from work I see a very fresh accident up ahead. There are about five fire trucks (presumably because it happened about a mile from a fire station) on the side of the road, no ambulance or police yet, and some people have pulled off. I keep waiting for someone to either direct me around the accident or tell me to stop but no one does. So I slowly keep on driving. I see what I think is a bumper in the road so I cautiously swerve around just a few feet from it. Then I realize that it’s not a bumper, it is, in fact, a person. I stopped my car right there next to him and froze in a complete state of shock and panic. Most of his dead body was on the left side of my car, one of his legs was on the right side of my car, his shoes were ahead of me. And my car is literally stopped on the fifteen-foot blood streak made by his head being smeared on the pavement. I couldn’t believe any of it. There were five or more first responders there and no one was managing the situation. This person’s body was just alone out in the middle of a dark, unlit, country road for someone (like me) to hit again. He wasn’t covered up, there was no one directing me around his body, there was no one there slowing me down, nothing. It felt like a complete disregard for life. I spent all day yesterday in bed basically. I just felt so lost. This morning, I finally searched for the accident to see what exactly happened. He was a 19-year old boy riding his bicycle. That’s all they know. It barely made the news.

2012-05-07 13.24.29It can all be taken away from us so fast and yet we live our lives like it’s forever. We’re one of the most intelligent species on the planet, yet we’re completely stupid. We worry too much, we’re afraid of anything that is even remotely meaningful, and we put everything off…even our happiness. What the hell are we waiting for? I just don’t understand sometimes. Clearly, I haven’t got any solid answers because I basically gave myself a brain aneurysm over a job. Once again, I must pick myself up and dust myself off and you think it would get easier but it doesn’t. And I’m not ashaimed to say that right now, I’m not okay. I AM NOT OKAY. And that is okay to say. None of us will ever be perfect so let’s stop striving for something that doesn’t exist. Sorry for such a depressing post. I promise the next one will be on the happier side. Pinky swear. Now, I’m gunna go make some lemonade out of these lemons because lemonade is freakin’ delicious!

5 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. Oh my goodness, my friend. I had NO idea this happened to you!! How awful!
    I am somewhat in your spot (job wise). On an almost daily basis, I end the day with headaches or find myself coming home ravishing for any kind of nourishment because I was too busy to eat. Ugh! I keep this new job because I desperately need to pay my bills and hope to build up a savings so it doesn’t have to last much longer and I can finally do what makes me happy. But then I also struggle with ‘Life’s too short!’

  2. Same here…no idea this happened. a coworker once came across an accident somewhat like that, and he was also very shaken up by it, like he couldn’t get the image out of his head. My little sister, a beach lifeguard at the time, was involved in a body recovery, and she was the same way. Imagine soldiers and what they must feel. Anyway, you’re right. life is too short. I wish my job was as “dreamy” as the rest of my life. But, for now I’ll just have to deal with living vicariously through my off hours activities.

    1. Shannon! Yay! I love hearing from you! Congrats on the marriage by the way and from what I see on Facebook, it seems like Alaska has been treating you well. You’re a regular mountain woman! How do you deal with the 24/7 darkness though? That would mess me up. Now back to your comment: I can’t imagine what soldiers go through at all. Seeing that kid’s body will stay in my head forever, I couldn’t imagine seeing something like that as a part of my job. And I think that as long as you’re making the most of your off hours and enjoying your life, you’re on the right track. Love you! Have a great holiday.

      1. Jaime…for the darkness. It’s not exactly 24/7…we have 3h 41m 29s of daylight today 😉 Tomorrow we gain 14s!! We stay busy, for one, to cope. I also have a “happy lamp” I use at work. But, really, it’s the staying busy. I wish I was more of a mountain woman, but the job gets in the way! But, I have enjoyed the fishing, gardening, berry-picking, etc. We will be moving over the holidays to a new house, and we hope to have more of a homestead. Our dream would be to have part-time jobs and sell some wares from goats, bees, etc. If we get to that point, I may consult with you!

      2. Whoa, that’s a lot of daylight Shannon! (tons of sarcasm there). I love that you have a happy lamp at work, of all places. That’s some irony. That’s exciting about moving to a new house. You should totally go the homestead route. I’m obsessed with homesteading, I just need a home now. And the part-time job is certainly where it’s at, as well as selling your wares. There’s a lot of creatively and contentment in doing such things. And yes, definitely consult me, especially because I wouldn’t mind selling your stuff. The idea of Sweet Pea’s Groceries is to eventually have a handmade grocery store so your stuff would fit.

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