Making Crafty Magic

My throne room and other such goodies

This is my throne room. Pretty much, what you see is what you get. The velvet Snoopy was a cast-off from a friend who was moving away. Who could resist a drunken, velvet Snoopy? Not moi. And yes, that is Mister Hanky blessing my bowl. Next to him is a knit mustache that was given as a gift. I actually have a mustache collection. I’ve got a thing for facial hair. If you have a bald head and a crap ton of facial hair, I want you.
This is actually my closet. It was large enough that I kept one half for my clothes and the other half as a guest space (this couch pulls out into a bed). The quilt is from my childhood. The pegboard is the perfect spot for my sewing tools and also to organize my costume jewelry collection. The organ was a Cassie cast-off and I’m in love with it. It sounds just like Yann Tiersen playing accordion. Each note is pure joy to my ears! And no, I’m not stockpiling kitty litter. These are the best storage containers you can find. They’re even perfect for lugging merchandise to and from craft shows–if you can deal with the perplexed and disgusted looks.
This is the actual clothes portion of my closet. Can’t get enough of those scarves! One of my many fetishes. And yes, those are Dukes of Hazzard Mardi Gras beads straight from New Orleans. It’s only fitting, me being a Hazard and all.
Here’s a view of my deck–the one space that doesn’t feel finished. Oh well. Next spring I’ll work on that.
My hammock chair.
A great photo of me and Tuna.
2013-09-24 07.34.06
There’s the elusive creature that I’ve been courting with food.
2013-10-03 10.16.51
A very cool insect on my bird feeder. Does mother nature make a gazillion-o-pede because this thing looked like it had a gazillion legs?
2013-09-21 18.29.38
Okay, I’m in awe and afraid all at the same time when it comes to the praying mantis. Just to warn you, they will fight you and you will lose. This creature was the size of my hand and it was hanging out near my hammock chair. There was no swinging for me that day!

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