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Themis and Thread

Friends and readers, I’m excited to introduce you to one of my nearest and dearest friends who just happens to be a mega-talented, environmentally-savvy, fashion rock star! Jesse and I go way back…

The two of us cavorting in a New Orleans tattoo parlor many, many years ago.

to the days of hustlin’ wine in the Finger Lakes (which just so happens to be the wine and beer mecca of the east). Sure, we’ve shared some epic and awkward moments. For example, I accidentally went on her first date with Brett. It’s okay though because I ended up officiating their wedding ceremony.  She’s been a good friend to me and more than anything, she’s been a source of inspiration in my life.  That’s why I’m thrilled to share with you her most recent creative endeavor, Themis and Thread. Let me tell you, this gal knows all there is about fashion design and she has the degree, talent, and experience to prove it. More than that though, she’s offering us that rare opportunity to support an independent business owner who specializes in making customized, eco-friendly, American-made clothes.  If you knew all of the harmful chemicals and horrific overseas factory conditions that went into making textiles, you wouldn’t be shopping at stores that encourage you to buy cheaply made, expendable clothing (visit this page for just one of too many examples). I’m a firm believer in spending a little extra to invest in high-quality clothes that will last a long time instead of purchasing a lot of cheap, trendy junk.  Jesse’s making clothes with good karma and the styles won’t go out of fashion. These are staple wardrobe pieces here people! Plus, she makes clothes that are customized to fit your preferences and proportions–because bodies come in all shapes and sizes (which I don’t think most designers understand). So I encourage you to read her press release below, like Themis and Thread on Facebook, shop till you drop, and then shop some more on Etsy.

imageIntroducing A Fresh, Local, Organic Wardrobe to Match Your Diet!

HECTOR, August 2, 2013- Themis and Thread is a catalog/micro manufacturer start-up featuring a five piece clothing line, designed with the exclusive use of American-made components and 100% organic cotton. Business operations are conducted in the heart of The Finger Lakes, where fresh, local and organic standards are a generation sustaining lifestyle. Jesse Junko Beardslee’s Summer designs are fundamental staples, with a fresh, new twist – i.e. “Promenade Pants”, white pants- flared with a teal paisley side panel insert and a muted lime waistband as just one color option (Style Number 1768).

Delightfully reminiscent ordering options include a mail order catalog in circulation, complete with a mail-in order form, phone in ordering, and options for customization; Each piece is made to order and can be adjusted to fit any customers’ specifications. Themis and Thread’s debut line is available for purchase online at, the catalog is available for review at The StoneCat Cafe, Kirton’s Farm Market, Hector Wine Company, Rasta Ranch Vineyards and New Image Hair Network. The catalog is also available per request via e-mail (, where you can request to join the paper-free e-mailing list as well.

The business was formed in May 2013, with the official launching of the catalog in July. Each piece from the collection is lovingly, hand-crafted on Seneca Lake, and everything is sourced from The United States of America, right down to the thread that holds the clothing together, the paper the catalog is printed on, and the safety pins that attach the content cards! Designer/Owner/Creator, Jesse Junko Beardslee’s commitment to America, the environment, and community transcends through her flagship collection, you can find the mission statement on the home page of Themis and Thread’s website

Their fabrics are made from organic cotton, grown by American farmers in the South, woven into fabric and printed with non-toxic, sustainable methods on the East coast, stitched into clothing in The Finger Lakes, and distributed direct to consumer; Thus eliminating the typical shipping pattern of the fashion industry, where components and clothing bundles are shipped up to four times across the planet before showing up on sales racks in malls, with incredibly cheap price tags. The true cost of fast fashion (not unlike fast food), is often paid for by the environment.

Themis and Thread is dedicated to victimless fashion, a broadening concern among many casual shoppers and fashionistas alike, especially since the recent factory disaster in Bangladesh on April 24th. Unsafe working conditions and human rights violations are often hidden behind the glamorous facade of the fashion industry.  

Themis and Thread showcases a revival of righteous, domestic, skilled artisans, and also presents the handiwork of select artisans’ jewelry and accessories. The Summer collection features Natalie Martin, Erica Lynn Drake, and Round Rabbit’s (Nancy Schindler-Adams) art (also made in The Finger Lakes), and is available through the catalog and online at



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