How to disarm a Snuggie


I’m not sure how I ended up with a Snuggie, all I know is that I tried to use it for it’s intended purpose and all that extra fabric tripped me and sent me flying. Without a doubt, Snuggies are like deadly weapons to us short folk. Instead of burning that evil thing, I decided to make it into a simple, harmless blanket. Snuggies are a dime-a-dozen now. Right this very second, you can easily find one or two at your local thrift store. That’s a lot of good fleece just waiting to be repurposed. Here’s how I exacted my revenge:

I cut the entire top half off just above the useless pouch pocket. Of course I saved the top half with the sleeves so that I could eventually make it into a mega stylish fleece half-shirt.
I made a blanket stitch with embroidery floss across where I cut it. This is fleece so it won’t fray, thus making this step totally optional, but it looks mighty nice.
I picked up some eco-felt from the craft store and made this owl, which anyone can do. Just use this picture as a template if you like. It’s basically a bunch of simple shapes laid on top of one another. Easy peasy.
First, you may want to glue all of your pieces down to the main part of the body to help keep everything in place. Fabric or craft glue will work just fine. Using embroidery floss, hand-stitch the eyes, nose, wings and buttons to the body. Then place it where you want it and hand-sew the entire outside of the bird to the Snuggie. Then add the feet.
Voila! You have an adorable–and harmless–fleece throw. Mine has two owls in the bottom corners and I kept the pouch at the top because I can stash my remote in it. This would be a fantastic baby blanket (minus the buttons for safety purposes).

Here’s a great tutorial on how to do a blanket stitch.

Here’s a tutorial on hand-sewing basic stitches and knotting.

Here’s my Snuggie blanket covering Petunia’s chair. We both use it all the time since it’s now the perfect size. Click on the photo to enlarge.

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