Making Crafty Magic

Swirlin’ Soap

2013-11-20 17.46.36I finally tried the in-the-pot swirl technique I found over on Soap Queen TV. It turned out fairly decent for my first attempt and honestly, it was fun as heck!  Because I’m usually working with a high concentration of coconut oil, high temperatures, and fragrances that speed up trace, my soap mixture tends to seize up on me before I get the chance to do anything fancy. Why do I put up with that crap, you ask? Well, I enjoy a harder, longer lasting bar with a ton of lather. The trade-off is that it’s less moisturizing so I compensate by adding avocado oil at the very end to super-duper fat my soap. It’s a vicious circle really. The rule of thumb is lower temps, more olive oil, and essential oils instead of fragrance oils generally means more time for fun. Recently, I was asked to collaborate on a project for a seed library and I came up with some demo bars. Since I was using a carrot juice base, increasing my olive oil content, and experimenting with natural colorants, I figured I should put the swirl to the test.

2013-11-20 17.46.41
Dollup your colors on top of one another.
2013-11-20 17.47.13
Take a knife or small spoon and circle around the outside once and then figure-8 through the inside. Do no more than that.
2013-11-20 17.55.27
Pour that soapy goodness into your mold. Gel phase would be a good idea to really make your colors pop so insulate that puppy.
Voila! The carrot color kinda stole some of the thunder but it still looks pretty neat. And yes, it was raining when I took this soapy porn pic. It’s soap, it’s gunna get wet at some point.

Not too shabby. My only regret is that I swirled too much. One swirl around the pot with a spoon or knife is plenty. Well slap my hand, I was having too much fun and I took two trips around. Nevertheless, it’s awesome and I’m selling a few bars in my Etsy store. They’re made with vegetable oils, 100% carrot juice, natural colorants, and are scented with basil and sweet orange essential oils. They smell pretty amazing–very much like a fragrant herb garden.

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