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Tis the Season for Tincture Time

DSCF3022Okay, I’ve been sitting on these puppies since April and they’re now more than ready. In that span–while the herbs jovially intermingled with the alcohol–they’ve lived in three different homes and seen their fair share of vigorous shakes. They’ve paid their dues and now they’re ready to fulfill their medicinal destiny. Back in April, I procured organic herbs from the bulk section of my local health food store, recycled some food jars, and purchased two bottles of 100-proof alcohol from the liquor store. (For the love of everything holy, do not use rubbing alcohol or anything remotely toxic if ingested! You can use rum, distilled water, vinegar or vegetable glycerin if you don’t want to go the vodka route.) Easily enough, I put the herbs into their own jars and covered them completely with the alcohol. I labeled the jars with the name & date, stored them in a dark, cool location, and shook them as often as I could (like the non-suggestive version of the Shake Weight). The tinctures were ready to be strained and used, ideally, after six months but it took me a little longer to get my act together. (No worries though because we’re talking about 100-proof vodka here–it’s not going to go bad!) The herbs I chose were valerian, horsetail, witch hazel, dandelion leaf, lemon balm, comfrey leaf, raspberry leaf, lavender, St. John’s wort, chamomile, yarrow and rosemary. I chose each herb for very specific reasons HOWEVER, due to the fact that the FDA would be on my ass quicker than I can even blink, I’ll just have to recommend doing your own herbal homework. There’s a plethora of fantastic resources out there but this is my favorite. Now, whenever I get even the slightest notion that I may be coming down with some yucky illness, I can crack open a jar and take a teaspoon 1 to 3 times/day. More than likely, I’ll probably hide it in my smoothie because I’m a total wimp! The tinctures will last for at least two years so I’ll easily get my money’s worth.

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