New Years Day 2014

My New Year’s Eve was nothing to write home about. Heck, it was nothing to even write here about, but I will… I spent the day running errands and then making olive oil herbal infusions for Sweet Pea’s Groceries. It was a low-key day but ideal nonetheless. That evening I had epic plans to go out for a night on the town but everyone cancelled on me at the last-minute. Many were opting to stay home where it was warm and I can’t blame them since it was going to be in the low teens. However, my friend Amanda was still up for some fun and invited me to spend New Year’s Eve in New York City with a place to stay next to Central Park. You can’t beat that with a stick! This, I was totally up for! Usually, I hate New Year’s Eve but I just felt like ushering in 2014 with a bold gesture. I desperately need 2013 to be over and done with. So, despite the change of plans, I decided to press on. However, at around 6 pm I got sick. Just plain ole sick, for no good reason whatsoever. One minute I was feeling like I could take on the world and the next I was wanting to puke all over it. Alas, I stayed home and ended up watching a marathon of Lost Girl episodes (one of my secret delights–no judging!).

On the flip side, my New Year’s Day was fantastic! I enjoyed the Walkway Over the Hudson with a few of my friends and it was absolutely beautiful (…and freakin’ cold as all heck)! The pictures don’t do the experience justice. The walkway goes from Highland on the west side of the river to Poughkeepsie on the east side of the river. I’m ashamed to say that I only live 20 minutes from the Highland side and yet I’ve never been there before. Clutch the pearls! Well, now I’m going to go there often because I loved it and so did Petunia.

I left my friends at the trailhead, dropped Tuna off at home and took a trip over to visit my friend and former roommate, Thom, at the Washburn Farm barn. It’s great to see how the place has changed and improved since I moved out. Thom installed a pellet stove in the kitchen so it’s actually warm in there for once and there are new housemates who seem really interesting and nice. They finally successfully kicked out the housemate who I interviewed back in May. She was certifiably insane and put Thom and the other housemates through absolute hell. I’m talking about small claims court hell, calls to the police, trips to the hospital, theft, animal abuse, alcoholism, the works. Admittedly, I was holding on to some guilt because I had a part in convincing Thom to let her move in. I had no idea she was crazy. I honestly just thought she was nervous to be interviewing for a place to live…but time would quickly tell that her behavior was not due to nerves. Oh the stories I could tell you about her, however, that would merit an entirely new blog. Nevertheless, she’s gone from there, thankfully, and I can visit more often. I do miss the place.

2013-12-29 20.53.06After my visit, I came back home and resumed working on my t-shirt quilt but I quickly found that I couldn’t because the two beers I consumed in the span of three hours made my sewing skills decrease dramatically. I had to choose between just not sewing or being okay with spending the rest of the night fixing my mistakes. I chose Lost Girl instead.

I hope your New Year’s was absolutely fantastic! Let’s make 2014 memorable for all the right reasons!

2 thoughts on “New Years Day 2014”

  1. Sounds memorable, just the same!! Did you notice on the last photo of the town (just above the tshirt quilt) the red sidewalk looks like its connected to the outline of a guitar?? Do you see it or is it just me??

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