Making Crafty Magic

The year to come

face masks, smoothies, tinctures, herbal references, t-shirt quilts, soap suppliesHere are some pics of my day thus far. Today, I received some items that are going to take Sweet Pea’s to a whole new level of awesome and I thought I’d share the love. After whining on this blog for so long, I finally broke down and purchased Andrew Chevallier’s Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants. Now I feel confident enough to be able to publicly list the medicinal properties of the herbs I use. In this field, it’s always wise to have a consistent resource to reference because if you don’t…well let’s just say the FDA will shut your arse down. Ideally, my blog postings and Etsy listings will become a little more educational, which is what I’ve always intended.

Petunia and I ran/trudged through a snow storm to pick up the book from the post office today. As soon as we got back I slathered on a clay mask and began to flip through my trusty friend. If you read my other blog, you probably already know that one of my resolutions is to take more photos of myself. I’m nowhere near comfortable with seeing myself and one bad photo can easily ruin my day. So, here are two shots of me. I know I have a mask on but it’s a start. Baby steps! As you can see, Petunia was thrilled to be back in the warmth. Another resolution is to eat better and enjoy more smoothies. I usually have one a day but I’d like to bump it up to two. As you can see, I’ve been smoothie-ing it up and have been hiding some tinctures in there as well. My smoothie recipe is here.

Today, I also received a few silicone soap molds and some gear to help make my work even purdier. Some natural colorants and exfoliants are on their way too. This will allow me to remain as natural as possible while also letting me experiment with colorful designs. In the next few weeks I hope to make another oil order only this time I will be ordering in bulk. This will save me more than $0.75/pound which will hopefully offset the cost of the natural colorant and exfoliant additions. So my prices should stay the same. Yes!!!

So far so good 2014! The rest of my day is going to be spent cleaning and finishing my t-shirt quilt, which has literally been years in the making.

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