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Rooster don't take no mess!

rooster attackDo you ever have one of those days where you try to do something nice (such as give someone food and water) and that someone (in this case a rooster) attacks your face and puts their enormous spur completely through your top lip? Today was one of those days. This creature punched me so hard, my face instantly went numb and all I saw was blood spurting from the general direction of my head. I couldn’t tell where I’d been hit or how bad because I had no feeling in my face. I held my handkerchief up to my face and kept working until I could find a mirror to survey the damage. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought so that was good. It looks like my jaw is starting to bruise and swell though.

Boy, were they in a quandary at the Emergent Care center. I went there for a tetanus shot and they’d never seen the victim of a vicious rooster attack before…until now that is. They weren’t sure whether to give me antibiotics, stitch me up, glue me up or leave it open. They have a specific protocol for cat, dog, and even pig bites but no such guidance for rooster feet. I opted to leave the puncture open because I have no desire to seal an infection in. It should heal up nicely and until then I get to wear this super snazzy bandage (reminds me of the one Nelly used to wear on his cheek…so badass). Maybe I should put one on the other side of my lip for a little stache action? I’ll save that idea for a special occasion. It can be considered my formal wear.

In other news, Hannah was optimistically looking for Lambert all morning. She stood outside the main barn and called out for him for a few hours. You could hear her calls echo throughout the entire valley. This is common practice for her. She always panics when Lambert disappears and begins to frantically call for him until he comes back. Today was bittersweet though. It broke all of our hearts to watch reality sink for her. Later on, I found her lying alone in a dark goat pen, avoiding the one she shared with Lambert. She’s never one to go off on her own like that. At closing time, it was a struggle to get her in the stall and food bribes didn’t even work their usual magic. At one point she attempted to sleep with the broiler chickens instead but she wisely changed her mind. We’re doing what we can to find her another companion to dote on but so far we haven’t found a good match. I have hope that we can end this story on a high note though.

2 thoughts on “Rooster don't take no mess!”

  1. Wow what a day all around! I totally think that bandage adds to your badass image. Add a stitch, and…swoon!
    Poor Hannah. Oh how my heart aches got her. Reality can be so very cruel. Is it wrong to maybe but a stuffed toy in with her? Give her something to dote on? Sending her healing vibes.

    1. The toy isn’t a bad idea but I doubt it would mean much to her. She looks at me like I’m a jerk when I try to give her stuff…even food sometimes. All is not lost though. There is a small sheep in quarantine right now that she’s been chatting with between the doors. She sits right outside the little one’s pen and they baaah back and forth. I think her maternal side may be coming out…we shall see once that one gets out of quarantine.

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