Farm Life

I found me a new boyfriend.

cow in loveAll it took was one smooch on his big fleshy nose and Dozer the cow was all mine. For the rest of the day he followed me for as far as his fence could take him. A couple of times he looked so pathetic that I ran over to him and planted a few more kisses on his nose, which he loved. I asked Alex if it was like him to follow everyone from place to place and to stare at you from across the farm, apparently it’s not his norm. Usually he just hangs out next to his hay hut all day. Needless to say, I must have made an impression.

There was a sick fox found at work today. It literally snuck into the barn when we were all at lunch, found a clean stall with a fresh bed of hay and curled up in it. My co-workers found it snoozing. By the time I saw it, they had it in a cage and were calling around to see if they could find a wildlife rehabber to take it. It definitely was sprayed by a skunk, that was pretty obvious, but the rest is just speculation. Everyone jumps to rabies but there could be a whole suite of potential ailments, some curable. All I know is that I felt really bad for the poor thing. It just looked so tired. It wasn’t aggressive or defensive. It just seemed worn out and terrified. All it wanted to do was curl up somewhere warm and be left alone. I can’t blame any creature for wanting that. By the end of the day, an animal control officer came and got it. I’m not sure what the plan was and I didn’t dare inquire for fear my heart may be broken.

handmade scarves
Handmade neck warmers for sale. $10 each + shipping.

And now for something completely different…I promised my mother (Ling Ling) that I’d take photos of the neck warmers/cowls she made and try to sell them in my Etsy shop. There’s nothing in the world that makes her happier than when someone buys one of her creations so I figured I’d make up for being such a bad kid by doing her a solid–just this once. If you read my blog you’ll know that I find photos of myself cringe-worthy but since it’s a challenge to sell a scarves without a pics of someone wearing them, I decided to try my hand at modeling. Well, my good intentions went awry. First of all, I could only show one side of my face because the other side is still healing from the rooster attack. (I’m not good with Photoshop so I had to make do with old school au naturale.) Secondly, I uploaded the photos to Facebook and was instantly reminded of the eclectic group of friends I’ve gathered throughout the years. The comments started out positive but I felt the self-deprecating need to just explain that they could be better had my face not been injured. My friends rarely restrain themselves so what started out as an attempt to sell Ling’s creations turned into a comment session on me being cock slapped in the face. A friend counted eight comments with the word “cock” in them. Oh mother, I meant well. I really did. I love my friends. I really do.

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