Farm Life

A Productive Wait

Yup, horses can lie down and not be sick. I’m not sure where that rumor originated from.
Our wild/domestic turkeys enjoying the poo pile.
swimming ducks
Pip and Pepita enjoying some swimming pool time. They enthusiastically jump right in as soon as it’s freshened up.
Two of the farm’s many beautiful horses. I’m so glad I got this opportunity to work with horses and become more comfortable around them. They terrified me before this.

Yesterday, I finished my last full week of work as the Assistant Animal Caregiver at the sanctuary. The first few days had me second guessing myself but after the third day I couldn’t sleep at night because the body aches were so bad. Once again, thank you Aleve. I know for certain that I’m making the best possible decision for myself, although I’ll miss the staff and animals terribly. I had my second interview for the Programs Manager position set for today but it was rescheduled for next Thursday due to 6+ inches of snow in the forecast. Will it ever end? This winter has been absolutely staggering. Between below freezing temps and being buried in snow, I can just about say that I am–stick a fork in me–D.O.N.E. I’m exhausted in every way. It would do me good to once again state how much I enjoy Connelly and how humbling it is to be here in the midst of all this snow-covered chaos. Last night, some angel came and plowed everyone’s driveway, just for the heck of it. This place is getting to me. I’m beginning to think that generosity like that isn’t in short supply after all. Darn it, is this place making me a better person!? I must…maintain…my…cynicism…

So while I wait until my future figures itself out, I’ll be making soap. Yesterday, my oils arrived after being lost in the vortex for nearly a month. I’ve been studying up on how to make my soaps more eye-catching while keeping them as natural as possible and I’m chomping at the bit to put what I’ve learned into practice. Ugh, so many great ideas to execute. It really is an art and a science. I almost wish I’d bought more silicone molds so I can make a trillion varieties at once, but I’ll have to once again practice patience.

Some musings of interest:

♥ It’s a go for The Treehouse! Hip-hop, hooray, ho! I’m so ecstatically overjoyed for Kathy. They’re moving in March so I’ve got to start making goodies to fill that place up!

♥ A long-lost friend from high school sought my input on opening up a natural grocery store & cafe in the Ocean City, MD area–not too far from where my brother lives. As fate would have it, she wanted to open up something exactly like what I’d always envisioned a Sweet Pea’s Groceries brick and mortar store to be. So I encouraged the heck out of her plan AND I’m thrilled to report that she just signed a lease for a storefront right on the main drag in OC! I’m so proud of you Shenandoah! I can’t wait to see it!

♥ This is just a little inner musing that I thought I’d share in the hopes of getting your insight. I love blogs, etsy stores and instagram posts that feature items made from ethically sourced animal parts such as bones, feathers, skulls, pelts, etc… I just love all of that stuff and I collect anything like that on my hiking adventures. However, as time goes by I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with it but for reasons I couldn’t quite elucidate. Last night, as I was salivating over such creations, I began reading the comments on such blogs and posts and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that people are treating this as a trend. Would most of these people purchasing a necklace made from a coyote bone even know what a coyote was? Would they be able to identify one in a line-up of animals? When they buy those earrings made of bison teeth, do they know anything about the history of bison? What about the necklace made from turtle toes. Do they realize that we’re losing them? Do they even really care? I think such creations provide teachable moments and can potentially inspire a deep appreciation of our natural world, however, I’m worried that most people just see them as trendy trinkets. Something to ponder…

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