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A Hudson Valley Hike: Walkway Over the Hudson

walkway over the hudson walkway over the hudsonwalkway over the hudson walkway over the hudsonThis past Tuesday was so nice that Tuna and I felt the need to crawl out of our winter cave and embark on a little adventure. We both enjoyed the Walkway over the Hudson so much on New Year’s Day that we decided to give it another go before the move. I especially wanted to visit during the week so we’d have the place all to ourselves but boy was I a fool. It was absolutely sardine packed! Seriously, are others as equally unemployed as me?  Probably, at the rate things are going. Anyways, it was lovely enjoying all the ice but not having to freeze my butt off doing it. The view was magnificent and it lit a tinsy spark of spring fever within me.

The one and only downside was that since it was so packed, Tuna was more than a little overwhelmed with all the people and dogs going by. Halfway through the walk she became really frustrated that she couldn’t visit with everyone. At one point she broke her collar and ran after a small dog, leaving both the dog and her owner absolutely, pants-peeingly, terrified. I can’t blame either of them. I would not want to see a pit mix barreling towards my toy poodle. It was just a bad scene all around and Tuna was extremely upset afterwards because she knew from the woman’s reaction that she had done something terribly wrong. Oh well, we live, we learn and now I know to avoid such overstimulating situations.

1 thought on “A Hudson Valley Hike: Walkway Over the Hudson”

  1. Oh poor Tuna. So misunderstood. I bet she felt worse than the poodle or owner ever could!
    I loved your pics. The ice is beautiful, well worth the trip!

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