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beach blankets

I’m thrilled to report that the light-weight, quilted beach blankets (bed covers, tablecloths, tapestries, picnic blankets, couch/chair covers, whatever you wish…) are finished and being shipped off to OC Local Mojo with the rest of the goodies today. Pictures do not do them justice. They were so much fun to make and I wanted to keep them all, however, I have enough quilts as it is so I was able to talk myself out of hoarding them.

Here’s the final result of my flaxseed, rice, lavender herb and lavender essential oil hot/cold pack making jam session:

hot/cold packs

hot/cold packs
Eye pillows

For both projects, I used clothes purchased from the Salvation Army on half price day. I literally walked out of that store with enough fabric to make the hot/cold packs, all of the blankets and a whole heck of a lot more for under $30. When I got home, I cut the seams out of the clothes (which I saved for other projects) and used the material like you would if you had just bought it off the bolt at the store. The hot/cold packs are made with from two super soft pairs of pajama bottoms. Plus, I salvaged some velcro from a few of the garments and made the packs refillable for when they need an aromatherapy refresher.

That’s all of my creations for a while. Now it’s on to packing!

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