yellowstone national park

Yellowstone: Gull Point & Utah Dorm Life

Marmot friend

Gull Point is a new wetland complex this year because some of the old complexes are now closed due to nesting swans. My partner and I helped out the other crew on this one and it turned out to be a lot of fun. The day started out with us being dorm-bound due to rain so we cleaned the heck out of the place. Let me tell you, this dorm gets stinkier every year. It smells like butt. It doesn’t help that there was a marmot family living underneath it (one of the culprits is pictured above) but they were sent packing to a rocky slope nearby. They’re super cute but dang do they funk up a joint!

Anyhoo… we hung out and listened to the project leaders get interviewed for a newspaper. I love that my supervisor brings up things like toad orgies during an interview. It was extremely amusing. After that, the skies cleared and we kicked butt on the Gull Point sites. One wetland was basically an enormous lagoon off of Yellowstone Lake and we saw all species of amphibian hanging out there. It was clearly the place to be if you’re an amphibian or a fisherman.

The rest of my days have either been spent inside due to rain or inside due to that stupid lingering sinus infection (the rest of the field crew is jealous because I don’t have to experience just how bad the dorm smells). Some good drawings are coming out of it though so I can’t complain too much. After not having drawn even so much as a sick figure in twenty years, I find myself getting crotchety if I haven’t drawn something in over a week. My how things change.

So besides the marmots and robins, here are a few pics of some other beasts enjoying the smelly dorm life:

2014-06-22 10.42.56

Mule deer outside dorm

mule deer outside dorm 1

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