Hazardous Materials

Welcome to the store where I strongly encourage you to run around and play with scissors! Cut things up! Make old things new again! First things first, yes, my last name really is Hazard, so it should come as no surprise that I named my craft business Hazardous Materials. I enjoy transforming my seemingly never-ending mistakes into “happy accidents.” My creative process consists of throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks (aka. the spaghetti method). Overall, I’m not happy unless I’m creating something; the entire process is pure contentment. I enjoy the challenge of taking discarded items–whether it be clothing, jewelry, furniture, twigs or just plain ole junk–and giving them a second life. One man’s trash is definitely my treasure!

I hope you enjoy what you see. Most of the items I make can be custom ordered so if you see something you like but want to tweak it a little, just contact me. I enjoy a good challenge!