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Thank goodness for days off!

ABM_1390915113Today is the equivalent of my Saturday. There’s soooo much I should be doing: getting new tires, going to the grocery store, etc…but yuck! I’d easily hire someone to do these things for me, especially in this cold. I also need to take photos of me modelling Ling Ling’s scarves and post them on my Etsy site. However, I’m not sure people will buy scarves from someone with a rooster-beaten face. Such an odd problem to have… I’m not down with Photoshop so I may just have to wait until I heal or experiment with angles.

Yesterday was much better than previous days. I awoke with a shred of optimism about my job. My body was feeling better aside from some sort of sprained ankle-ish deal and I seemed to be running like a well oiled machine. Most of the time I feel like I’m aimlessly bumbling around the farm but yesterday was silky smooth. It was a good way to end my work week. Hannah was out of sorts at the end of the day though. She slept with the Goon Squad the night before but apparently that didn’t go so well because she refused to do it again. (I can’t say I blame her–those creatures are nuts!) Instead, after a lot of obvious confusion, she decided to sleep alone in the stall she shared with Lambert. It was sad to see her in such a state. I’d hoped that a sheep would forget after a few days but in my heart of hearts I knew better. They are, after all, sentient creatures just like us, despite what some may find it more convenient to believe.ABM_1390914169On a lighter note, the Goon Squad was up to their usual antics and even added some new ones to their repertoire. They’ve discovered the outside door that leads to the kitchen. They usually beg for attention at the inside half-door but I caught them trying to literally open–with their mouths and feet–the outside kitchen door. I thought you needed thumbs to turns nobs but these little buggers are smart and it’s only a matter of time before they master the art of opening doors sans thumbs. When that day comes, watch out because no one and no thing will ever be safe again!

Yesterday, more staff heard about my co-worker being taken off tour duty and they were equally upset. I guess, he’s notorious for being the best tour guide the farm has ever had. This is just another great example of an organization shooting themselves in the foot. It’s extremely disappointing but not surprising. And let me just ask the world, why do office workers get paid so much more than folks who perform manual labor? I don’t understand. And I’m not even talking about one dollar more per hour; I’m talking about many dollars more. The caregiving staff works outside in the worst weather conditions, there are no days off, there are no holidays off, we are constantly being put in harm’s way and without us there would be no animal sanctuary in the first place YET the office staff–who can take sick days and holidays off, who work inside all day, and are never at risk of injury–get paid a whole lot more. It’s like this at every job I’ve had in fact, not just this one. And I don’t think the differentiation is based on education level because my supervisor and I both have veterinary degrees. It just seems more than a little convoluted to me. I’m not saying that their jobs aren’t equally important. Heck no! Not at all! Nor am I suggesting they receive a cut in pay. I’m just pointing out a glaring discrepancy and asking for wage equality. Any thoughts on this?

ABM_1390913675Last night I didn’t get a chance to write because I actually went out and did something I never do…I was social! Gasp! I met up with my friends Cassie & Lauren at New World Home Cooking in Woodstock to hear my buddy Jude Roberts play in the Celtic Sessions. Jude and I are such a great combo. Whenever we’re together we get laughing so hard that peeing is almost inevitable. I need more of that in my life. I’ll happily invest in some adult diapers if it means seeing Jude more often. The music, Bananas Foster and delicious beer didn’t hurt either. Plus, I met a new friend. What more could one ask for on a Monday night? Nothing.

Farm Life

Rooster don't take no mess!

rooster attackDo you ever have one of those days where you try to do something nice (such as give someone food and water) and that someone (in this case a rooster) attacks your face and puts their enormous spur completely through your top lip? Today was one of those days. This creature punched me so hard, my face instantly went numb and all I saw was blood spurting from the general direction of my head. I couldn’t tell where I’d been hit or how bad because I had no feeling in my face. I held my handkerchief up to my face and kept working until I could find a mirror to survey the damage. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought so that was good. It looks like my jaw is starting to bruise and swell though.

Boy, were they in a quandary at the Emergent Care center. I went there for a tetanus shot and they’d never seen the victim of a vicious rooster attack before…until now that is. They weren’t sure whether to give me antibiotics, stitch me up, glue me up or leave it open. They have a specific protocol for cat, dog, and even pig bites but no such guidance for rooster feet. I opted to leave the puncture open because I have no desire to seal an infection in. It should heal up nicely and until then I get to wear this super snazzy bandage (reminds me of the one Nelly used to wear on his cheek…so badass). Maybe I should put one on the other side of my lip for a little stache action? I’ll save that idea for a special occasion. It can be considered my formal wear.

In other news, Hannah was optimistically looking for Lambert all morning. She stood outside the main barn and called out for him for a few hours. You could hear her calls echo throughout the entire valley. This is common practice for her. She always panics when Lambert disappears and begins to frantically call for him until he comes back. Today was bittersweet though. It broke all of our hearts to watch reality sink for her. Later on, I found her lying alone in a dark goat pen, avoiding the one she shared with Lambert. She’s never one to go off on her own like that. At closing time, it was a struggle to get her in the stall and food bribes didn’t even work their usual magic. At one point she attempted to sleep with the broiler chickens instead but she wisely changed her mind. We’re doing what we can to find her another companion to dote on but so far we haven’t found a good match. I have hope that we can end this story on a high note though.