Petunia the Pitbull

Proof the Chupacabra really exists

DSCF2701I made it home from the bar at 2 am last night and while I fumbled around in the darkness trying to find my apartment keys I was struck by the lovely night sky. Knowing that my camera has a night photography option, I figured there was no better time to test its capabilities. I ran in, grabbed the camera, and took the above photo. Clearly, my camera sucks and couldn’t capture even 1/10th of the night sky’s magesty. Just when I decided to call it quits I noticed something moving around in the bushes just feet away. I took a few steps closer and saw some glowing eyes peaking out at me. DSCF2702Holy gawd! At this point, I was terrified but certainly too curious to run. So I got closer. I could hear the creature’s jaws chomping on something in the bushes. Was it feasting on one of the feral cats that live under my porch? I hope not, I’ve gotten quite attached to them.

DSCF2703Okay, this is clearly one of those mysteriously elusive Chupacabras right? Can a goat sucker also be a cat sucker? And I’d never heard of a sighting in New York. Perhaps I’m the first to witness this species’ northern migration. And I have photographic proof of this. What a goldmine! I was absolutely terrified at this point but I knew that I needed to edge closer to snap that one photograph that would put me on the cryptozoology map.

DSCF2704And here it is! This devil creature is clearly a hybrid between canine and Zool from Ghostbusters. It must be a Chupacabra! Ahh…the reality is that this thing lives with me. Sleeps with me even. She’d gotten her line wrapped up in the bushes and busied herself by eating cat poop until I came to her rescue. We went inside (I was completely disgusted by her at that point) and when I reviewed the photos I absolutely howled with laughter. I probably woke my neighbors but I couldn’t help myself. Many of us may have strange bedfellows but I think I win the prize by having strangest (and grossest) one of them all.

Happy Friday to you all! Please keep in mind that there’s no Saugerties Farmers Market tomorrow. It’s the Garlic Festival instead so get out there and make your breath smell delicious (or at least better than Petunia’s)!


A gift from a new friend

DSCF1526Thanks to the marketing geniuses over at the Chronogram, I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people and gain some beneficial connections. One of the many awesome people I’ve been lucky enough to meet through the Chronogram experience is Ami. He’s a musician, poet, and bad ass Kombucha (Ombucha) maker from New Paltz, NY. He contacted me after reading my post about losing Barry White Kitty. Being the cat lover he is, he was moved to write B&W a song on guitar with lyrics that will make you cry like a baby. Here’s the link to the video of him performing the song. Thank you Ami, for letting me share this with the folks who knew and loved B&W. Grab a hanky because here are the lyrics/poem he wrote for my little furry companion:

He was a friend. He was a lover. Much more than that. He was a life-hugger.

Though barry white
stole a heart
his soul’s an ever part
with black patches
in a sea of white
his memories float above
in the light
of his boundless love.