The Herbert F. Johnson Museum

Yesterday was the mega controversial inauguration day of Donald Trump and today was the Women’s March on Washington. There were also local marches that I could have attended, but I’ve just been so conflicted about world issues of late that I just want to seek what little peace I can find. Despite being hung over, when a friend offered up the chance to go to the local museum, I jumped at it with full zeal. I’m so glad that I went. My heavy heart feels lighter thanks to the majesty of artistic expression.

I can’t recommend enough going out into your local community and discovering or rediscovering all the things it has to offer. Sometimes we need to be reminded of all the reasons we choose to live where we do. Today was one of those reinvigorating days for me.

The Herbert F. Johnson Museum is located on the beautiful Cornell University campus and is absolutely free to the public! I feel like a complete idiot for not going there all the time. I only live ten minutes away and I work right across campus. The 360° panoramic views of Ithaca from the 5th floor alone are worth going. I can imagine sitting there and either reading a good book or sketching.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll enjoy when you visit:



Glaciers have come to the Museum of the Earth

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A few weeks ago I visited the Museum of the Earth to check out their brand-spankin-new glacier and coral reef exhibits. These permanent exhibits have been a long time in the making so it was really nice to see them finally come to fruition. It all looks fantastic! Everyone did such a great job! See, wonderful things happen to a place when I quit working there. Hah!

That night, after seeing the new exhibit, I ran into my supervisor from my pre-museum job. I was over-the-moon to see her because I’ve always wondered how she’s doing, if she’s still working there, what hijinx the crew is up to, etc… She was miserable the last time I saw her and she’s way too wonderful of a person to not be 110% happy. She told me that I left at the perfect time because they downsized soon after and most of the department was cut. My timing has always been fairly good as far this stuff goes; I smell disaster and I usually get out quickly. The ironic part is that she’s now a happily self-employed grant-writer who helped the museum get the last bit of money they needed in order to build the new exhibits. Hah! Things really do have a way of circling back around, don’t they? So, if you find yourself in need of some grant money, I can point you in the right direction.